Shuttle to or from San Ignacio to Placencia is a top choice among travelers in the country. Our San Ignacio Shuttle bridge your inland experience with the beach. San Ignacio is the ultimate inland destination, you can book shuttle as well as tour with BB Tour, to make your shuttle more interesting.

San Ignacio

Taking our shuttle to or from Placencia you can or would want to include a Mayan Ruins to get the most of you time in our beautiful country.

San Ignacio is a small town in the Cayo region of Belize. San Ignacio, or Cayo as it is often called locally, is on the Macal River, and makes a good and affordable base for exploration of the stunning regions around it, with plenty of day trips to be taken and several decent tour guides willing to take you. It’s also an important transit town en route to or from Guatemala. Cayo is known for having a multitude of ruins, caves, and rivers, all of which can be explored by travelers.

There are many tour companies in San Ignacio. Many of these conduct day trips, leaving early in the morning and returning the same afternoon.

San Ignacio is one of the more tourist-friendly towns in Belize, with a variety of restaurants keeping longer hours than in many other towns. There are a wide variety of restaurants, and many have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

It is also possible to book shuttle to the International airport from San Ignacio with us.